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"Before I began my reflexology sessions with John Walpole- I had constantly complaining feet-aching, cramps and extreme tenderness: I had to interrupt my hiking, racquetball and other activities to massage my cramped feet. Now I rarely get cramps. I enjoy long walks and recreational activities with my happy feet."
Merry Havens

“A reflexology session with John will RELAX you in a way that is unique and profound. As soon John puts his hands on your feet, you will know. And as He works his way around the feet your energy will begin to flow (perhaps in a way it never has before), and you will feel your tension disappearing. John Walpole has performed reflexology on my feet over a period of 14 years. I find it improves the health of my feet and my overall health. It is very relaxing and allows me to sleep better."
Gary Mills


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“ I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the transformative and healing reflexology treatments  you have given me over the course of several years on and off.  The reflexology has helped regulate my periods  and eliminate menstrual  cramping.  It has helped me energetically so I feel more alive and aware throughout the day. You found some tenderness in my brain /sinus / pituitary, and since you've worked on those points I've felt so much better. I feel a new depth of energy and clarity I've never experienced before. On a lighter note, the reflexology has cleared sinuses and headaches immediately in one session.

Reflexology is my health prevention and maintenance. It keeps me well. I love it. Your touch is of a true healer. You are an integral piece in my health maintenance. Thanks for all you've done for me. I look forward to my sessions every week. Thank you.”

Lisa Temple; Dr Oriental Medicine, Accupuncturist.

“I have experienced John's work extensively through my patients and myself. I can truly say that he is one of the finest foot reflexologists Ii have ever worked with. He is both specific and quite intuitive. I give him my highest recommendation.”
David Vorzimer, Doctor of Chiropractic.


"Health of your total being is involved with your body, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual well being. Any WHOLISTIC approach, such as reflexology treats you in all your complexity.
John brings almost 4 decades of meditation and self healing to his practice. He wants you to find your best possible health and will do all he can for you. He always gives 110% to his sessions. John knows there is only one healer, and that's inside you. His job is to facilitate you in your own healing. The space he creates is very comfortable and peaceful; where you can get in touch with yourself in that calm place balance your emotions slow your mind and open up to spirit.
John's work goes far beyond the feet, to the true "soul" of healing. You can feel the energy from his hands balancing and clearing the lines of flow that flood the whole body. This work will support any kind of healing. I consider John not just skilled, but a true healer.” 
Wendy Upde, M.A., Pranic Healing

“I felt that here was a treatment that was very healing and specialized. I felt confident that I was getting a professional treatment by someone who knew what they were doing. He had strong hands and skillful hands. He knew just the right amount of pressure and was sensitive to not making it uncomfortable when it reached the pain threshold: very focused and relaxed and confident, conveying a self assurance that you could easily sit back and relax and enjoy the healing benefits as well as feel good that you were getting some much needed attention in this part of the body. He seemed to enjoy his work and was not in a hurry to finish.”
Brian Kass

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