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Your Structure, Your Health…


Different versions of reflexology have existed for centuries in many diverse countries such as China, India, Japan, Europe, and Egypt but to this day, its exact origin remains a mystery.  It is a widely held belief however, that Reflexology originated in China over 5000 years ago and that the Chinese had divided the body into longitudinal meridians by approximately 2500 BC. There is little doubt that there is a strong link between reflexology and acupuncture, shiatsu, and acupressure in that they are all based on similar ideas and that they are all considered meridian therapies – they propose that energy links the feet to various parts of the body.
Reflexology is an important adjunct to all HEALTH plans. Disease anywhere in the body is actually a blockage in the flow of energy. Illness or pain can develop when the harmonious energy pathways of the body become blocked, disrupting the energy flow and breaking the body’s harmony. Close study reveals that the six main meridians which penetrate the major body organs, the stomach, spleen/pancreas, liver, gall bladder, kidney and bladder are represented in the feet, specifically in the toes. Therefore, massaging the feet helps to clear congestions in the meridians and replaces the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body.


What Can Reflexology Do For You?

  • Enhance Your Athletic Performance - You know what a beating your feet take on a day to day basis! They are a marvel of engineering, and must be “tuned up” for you to achieve maximum performance. Reflexology massages away your stress and restores circulation which results in a body that is balanced and harmonious.
  • Reduce Your Stress Level – Reflexology is a stress buster and relaxes your nervous system while stimulating circulation. Reflexology sessions will RELAX you in a way that is unique and profound.
  • Increase Your Energy – Reflexology results in increased levels of energy because over time, energy coagulates in the feet and needs to be released. If your feet aren't performing at their peak, how can you perform at your peak? Reflexology can increase your energy levels by opening blocked pathways and enhancing your natural energy flow.


Let’s face it -we all love a good foot rub! Over time, reflexology has developed a more scientific background based on our ever increasing knowledge of anatomy and physiology which has resulted in its acceptance into conventional, orthodox medicine as a rapidly growing therapy worldwide. The main objective of Reflexology is to help people attain and maintain a better state of health and well-being and to stimulate the bodies own inherent healing potential in a natural and safe way.