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Reflexology Training

If you want to be trained by the best Reflexologist in Colorado, then you want John Walpole's training class.


John has been helping people with reflexology since 1993, and has given approximately 9,000 treatments. He will give you a money back guarantee. John brings to the table (or chair in this case- he does his magic on you in the super comfortable La Fuma recliner) his years of experience in reflexology and 35 years of meditation practice as well as many hours of personal work- including the Forum, Lifespring, Hands of Light training, advanced reflexology trainings, conscious breathing, reiki, and an extensive knowledge of nutrition.

John also teaches reflexology and will certify you if you do a complete training. In certification, he works with you one on one until you learn the wonderful system he uses, as well as all the points. You will need to do 30 hours of practice out of class. How long does it take? It depends on how quickly you learn the material-usually 8-12 sessions.


John is the "sole" man. Classes are fun and John is patient.

Reflexology is not massage, although there are some massage moves employed. Reflexology has been around for a long time because it works; in fact, it's quite amazing what it can do for you. Let John instruct you on the best way to learn and us this fantastic knowledge.

Call John Walpole 303 530 7328