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Frequently Asked Questions

As people start to learn about Reflexology, they have alot of questions. Here we hope that we have answered some of yours:

How many treatments do I need?

Each person has different needs depending on their age and lifestyle. John Walpole can advise you to develop the best solution for you.

Call John at 303-530-7328 or email him at john@feetfirstreflexology.com

What is a session like?

Most people find that their sessions relax and renew them. Some people feel that they get better results with reflexology than other alternative treatments. John is a skilled practioner. Just look at his testimonials!

Does it hurt?

Sometimes the feet do feel sore during the reflexology session. It's a good thing! When there is soreness, your system is losing toxins and new energy can flow and revive you. Reflexology opens blocked pathways and enhances your natural energy flow. Remember, good health begins in the feet.

What does "Breathing" do?

Since ancient times, man has practiced "breathing". This session can be quite profound and can clear many obstacles. John safely guides you to experience a heighten sense of yourself through his "BREATHE" session.

More about BREATHE